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Cemetery at 78719, 8698 East Riverside Drive, Austin, TX 78744

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  • We just left this beautiful cemetery. Although we thoroughly enjoyed watching planes fly over heads our hearts broke for for those that lay to rest as we found many broken uncared for headstones. It’s sad to think that cemeteries become a dilapidated home for the deceased. We encourage you to visit and pay homage to those resting. It’s amazing what you will learn just walking the grave sites. I refuse to share details as I encourage you to just do it yourself.

    After we left we decided that we would be going back but next time with a weed eater mower and gasoline to kill weeds around headstones. This beautiful place needs some love and care. God bless them.

    Added July 11, 2018 by Lauren&Stephen
  • Never knew this place existed.... I was there with my husband and son June 18th 2017..
    .. We loved the area due to the fact we could watch the planes land..... These people have a excellent and beautiful view.... I only hope they enjoy it as much as we did.... We walked around and visited with almost all graves and were shocked how old some were... We paid many respects to them all..... We will be back again.... I only hope those out here have not been forgotten..... R.I.P. to all those dad has passed and I only wish I had known this spot existed he was an avid plane watcher.....

    Added January 28, 2017 by Jeannie Peavy
  • ☆ ☆

    I have several family members at Greenwood. My grandmother's family were the caretakers of the property there many years ago. It backs up to Austin Airport and used to back up to Bergstrom AFB. Cemetery is ok, not dealing with person in charge.
    If you like airplanes flying over low, which my sister did, it's great. Most of my family is buried out there. I will not be. I have dealt with the committee and contacts there several times. It used to be easy to deal with people in charge. I recently had to deal with the main contact in charge of the cemetery and had a horrible, miserable experience. The woman in charge does not have a heart for the grieving. She was harsh, rude, insensitive, accusatory and a know it all. I have worked ten years in the ministry and worked with many funeral homes and cemeteries, have never spoken to anyone under grief circumstances who was so uncaring and combative on the phone. If it were not for my family's wishes, I would have gone elsewhere. If you can avoid this person, please do!

    Added January 20, 2017 by Janet Wilson
  • There is an historic section in the back (north side) that is interesting. Also, the airliners just overhead are a thrill.

    Added December 03, 2016 by Josh Bailey
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